As with many extinct “breeds” the Tesem was a type of dog rather than a breed as we know today. Tesem roughly translates to “Hunting Dog” and was kept by the Ancient Egyptians. These dogs served priceless roles as hunters, guards, and companions. The Tesem was primitive in appearance, displaying prick ears, long legs, and curled tails. It is believed that both the Basenji and Africanis are descendants of of the Tesem. It is also likely they influenced, if not directly led to the development of the African and Middle Eastern sighthounds such as the Saluki, Azawakh, and Sloughi.

The Tesem was one of the dog breeds of ancient Egypt, used mainly for hunting. There is evidence of them thanks to the engravings where it appears represented, being the tomb of Cheops (2589 – 2566 BC) one of the first places where it appeared. It is believed that the breed did not really become extinct, but that it evolved to changing its original appearance, quite similar to that of a modern greyhound.


Dog Training

I am a thirty-something woman with various qualifications across several subjects including Multimedia Film Production, Wildlife Conservation, Telecommunications, Retail, and most importantly, Dog Behaviour and Dog Training.

I love dogs and I love their ability to communicate so incredibly effectively with humans. One of my primary goals as a ‘Dog Person’ is to teach others about the benefits of having a dog, why and how we as humans even decided to ‘own’ dogs and how the first dogs grew to be the modern dogs we live with today.

Completed Courses

South African Dog Training College and Kennels Obedience Instructors Course Level 1 Beginners

South African Dog Training College and Kennels Obedience Instructors Course Level 2 Novice

Pet Sense College Canine Behaviour and Training Diploma with Merit

Coursera Dog Emotion and Cognition

Field Guide Association of South Africa Level 1 Field Guide

Dunbar Academy Professional Dog Trainer Program