Services Offered

Our main goal is to ensure a harmonious companionship in a safe home with a strong bond between human and dog. We work together with you and your dog making sure to take into account the dog’s personality and to use rewards and positive reinforcement to encourage good behaviour.

Behaviour Modification

  • Aggression (to dogs, people, etc)
  • Digging and other Destruction
  • Dominance (Growling, Barking, Biting)
  • Submission (Fearfulness, Nervousness)
  • Leash Reactivity (Pulling)
  • Jumping onto people, children / Over-excitement
  • Separation Anxiety
  • “Listening” / Communicating

Home Activities and Tricks

  • Rollover
  • High Five / Paw
  • Touch
  • Fetch
  • Backyard Agility
  • Open/Close the Door

Basic Home Obedience

  • Sit, Stand, Down
  • Stay and/or Wait
  • Leave It / Take It
  • House-training (bathroom, being alone, bed time)

Daily and Holiday Care

  • Dog Walking
  • Overnight Housesitting
  • Daily Visits